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Aqua Campus, located in Breda, serves as the R&D facility and headquarters for the Aquatic Wholesale Group. Here, we embody a commitment to excellence in the aquatic and terrarium sector.

Let us tell you how we lead from the front.

Product development.
Aqua Campus is dedicated to ongoing research, striving to ensure the success and affordability of your aquarium, pond and terrarium hobby. Following thorough research and testing, our products are manufactured, either in the Netherlands or through our partnerships with production facilities in Asia.

Marketing and support.
At Aqua Campus we go beyond delivering outstanding products. Our expansive marketing approach integrates seamless website maintenance, dynamic social media connections, attentive customer care, insightful educational content, exclusive promotions, timely mailing, and captivating promotional videos. Join our vibrant community, where passion seamlessly intertwines with excellence across all brands for a comprehensive enthusiast adventure.

Comprehensive quality control coupled withfocused employee training.

Quality control.
At Aqua Campus, our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in rigorous quality control procedures, including comprehensive testing protocols. These measures form the backbone of our dedication to continuous product improvement. Meticulous testing ensures precision and excellence in our offerings, guaranteeing enthusiasts an unparalleled experience in their aquatic and terrarium hobbies. Comprehensive quality control coupled with focused employee training.

Showroom and training.
Discover our showroom at Aqua Campus, an invitation for our valued customers to experience our latest products displayed like in a store. Complementing this, we conduct multiple training sessions annually, exclusively tailored for our dedicated employees. These sessions ensure the knowledge of our team, fostering expertise and excellence within the Aquatic Wholesale Group community.

The experiences of our employees.


I’m a Graphic Strategist at Aqua Campus, where continuous development is key. AWG offers diverse subjects, from fish to reptiles, and working across brand units broadens my experience. The market’s constant innovation keeps the work challenging, and our supportive colleagues create an environment where everyone can be themselves and excel—something I truly value!


At Aqua Campus, I’m a Content Marketeer navigating a dynamic role, from coding for website enhancement to crafting engaging promotional videos. The culture encourages experimentation and frames challenges as learning opportunities. Working across diverse subjects, I find the job constantly engaging. The supportive environment enables me to perform at my best.

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Marktconform salary.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


We develop and work together.

We always strive to develop together as a team. In house, we give trainings about our latest products, sales and updates from the organisation to keep all our employees up to date with the latest (fun) facts.