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We like to talk about
our social commitment.

As plant and animal lovers, we love nature. We, therefore, make every effort to produce and work as sustainably as possible. We respect people, nature and the environment.

We make every effort
to work & produce sustainable.

We respect people, nature
& the environment.

To this end, we are affiliated with various organizations such as:


Ornamental Fish International is the international trade organization representing the ornamental fish industry. Members of OFI must comply with the rules of conduct drawn up by OFI for the responsible treatment of animal welfare, the environment and legislation. The welfare and quality of fish and plants must always come first with respect for people and the environment, for more information about OFI visit


As a customer, you increasingly choose fair products grown with respect for people, animals, and the environment. MPS develops and manages sustainable production and certifies the process. MPS certification shows retailers and consumers how environmentally friendly plants, flowers and vegetables are grown. Aquafleur endorses this and that is why we have participated in the MPS programme since 1998. Read more about MPS at


makes efforts to improve and preserve the living environment, landscape, regional products, hospitality, environment, infrastructure, cultural history, and preservation of identity. Aquafleur and Aquafarm are supporters of Cittaslow and are thus committed to sustainability and quality. We are willing to be tested on these efforts. This is an important step towards a better living environment for residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs.

MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland believes in an economy adapted to the limits of that nature and society. MVO Netherlands encourages and supports companies to contribute to this and urges the government to make sustainable entrepreneurship the standard. As a member of MVO Netherlands, we stay well-informed and support these initiatives.

MVO Westland

In 2014, Aquafleur signed a covenant with MVO Westland. Not only to provide a safe and pleasant working environment for our staff but also to give people who are distant from the labor market a chance to work.

We continuously work on improvements
to work and produce more sustainably

  • CO2 Footprint: Reducing the CO2 footprint is an important part of sustainable business. By looking critically at the consumption of raw materials, energy and products, and investing in improvements through projects, we can make a positive contribution to the environment.
  • Green Energy; Installing solar panels, insulation, and using LED lighting are just some of the examples of all the measures we take to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Greener Packaging; We are continuously working in our chain and our product line to see what packaging we can make greener. What can be made from recycled materials, how can we ensure the reuse of packaging materials, where can we use BioBased plastic, and how do we reduce packaging? So we make lots of small improvements every year that together have a big impact.
  • Greener Transport: Our goods must get from A to B, but wherever possible we do that with greener transport, continuously renewing our fleet to ensure we use the latest techniques to reduce our emissions.

We also take responsibility for
the world around us

Aquatic Wholesale Group is aware of its social responsibility. Therefore, every year we support charities in which the welfare of people, children and animals plays the main role. Below are some examples of the many projects we have supported in recent years.

  • Sustainable aid; We are proud to support 3 water towers at orphanages in the Philippines. In doing so, we have provided these orphanages with an independent and reliable water supply, helping them in the long run. Where before people had to pump water by hand to wash themselves, wash dishes and clothes, there is now running water from the tap, pumped by wind power.
  • The Food Bank: The Food Bank provides free obtained food to people in the Netherlands who temporarily cannot make ends meet on their own. This also prevents food waste! We like to help concretely, so in recent years, we have supplied tempex boxes for packing food but also sponsored a new forklift truck and a telephone exchange.
  • Ukraine: Together with clients, we have supported various projects to help Ukraine, from hosting refugees in the Netherlands, providing money for clothing, and other immediate needs, to purchasing generators for power supply.
  • Syria and Turkey: In the case of natural disasters such as the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, but also a previous year in Japan and Indonesia, we come into action with collections and contributions to send money to charities.