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Aquafleur is located in the hart of the Dutch agriculture area, The Westland, where we grow the best quality aquarium plants for our wholesalers and retail customers throughout the world.

Where top quality
thrives in europe.

On the outskirts of the Westland is Aquafleur International BV. We specialise in growing the best quality aquarium plants. Our mission is to offer our customers a full range of top-quality aquarium plants all year round. We supply our plants directly to wholesalers throughout Europe.

In its modern 20,000 M2 greenhouses, Aquafleur uses the latest techniques to maintain the optimal climate in its greenhouses; with over 140 different plant species, each requiring individual treatment, a controlled climate is an absolute must.

Become one of
our valued specialists.

Join us at Aquafleur and explore opportunities. Together we can build on a successful organisation! Our goal is to consistently provide top-quality aquarium plants while fostering lasting cooperation and reliability with our customers.

When we say โ€˜together,โ€™ we genuinely mean it! Each one of us contributes from our unique expertise and role, coming together in teams that reinforce and complement one another. We strive for excellence and this can only be accomplished with a dedicated hardworking team which supports one another and works in a safe and happy environment.

The experiences of our employees.


I have been working at AquaFleur for over 4 years now and, I really enjoy working here. We have a nice team and the work is very diversified. Here we have more than 140 species of water plants that we cut, plant and pack. So, never a dull moment!


I’ve been with Aquafleur for more than 20 years, working in the packing department. I truly enjoy my time here; it’s a fantastic company. The variety in the work is crucial to me, and Aquafleur ensures that. It’s a flexible company, and honestly, I’ve never hesitated to go to work at Aquafleur.

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


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it is always good to know what to expect so you can prepare yourself your application process. This way, you know how our applications are handled and what we expect from you.