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Aquadistri, our distribution centre, based in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the UK, distributes our products to over 3,500 specialist shops across Europe and beyond.

Let us tell you
how it works.

The best brands for aquarium, pond and terrarium.
At Aquadistri, we don’t just offer one brand. With 38 years of experience, we’ve curated a selection of top-tier products and brands, including Aquafleur, Aquafarm, Hikari, Colombo, SuperFish, Koi Pro, Blue Marine, Arcadia, and Habistat. Here you find everything for your aquarium, pond, or terrarium all in one place.

Distribution without boundaries.
Aquadistri ensures top-notch service with offices strategically located in Holland, France, Germany, the UK, and Hong Kong. We aspire to broaden this network in the years ahead. Our dedicated sales representatives and agents cater to Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and Italy. Additionally, our export department extends our reach to numerous other markets!

We provide quick and
reliable delivery to our customers.

An optimised warehouse for our one-stop supply service.
Positioned as the ultimate one-stop supplier, we take pride in ensuring that retail establishments always have enough stock. Our commitment to streamlining inventory management is evident through our Just-In-Time delivery system. This tailored approach ensures that stores receive shipments precisely in sync with its demand, eliminating excess stock and keeping inventory levels optimized. With our Just-In-Time delivery, we reduce excess stock and therefore reduce product waste.

Delivered by our own drivers.
Become a part of our personalized delivery service. At Aquadistri we take control of the entire delivery process using our own fleet of trucks and logistics. This means the orders are in the hands of our dedicated team, ensuring a seamless and reliable journey from warehouse to store. This is possible thanks to our dedicated team of hard-working drivers.

The experiences of our employees.


I work at Aquadistri for 9 years now. I started working in the warehouse, and worked my way up to now working in the sales department. The work here is very divers, which makes every day a challenge. Everyone is willing to help each other, and I think that is the strength of this company.


In December 2019, I started as an Account Manager for the southern Netherlands at Aquadistri. My passion lies in sharing knowledge and enthusing customers. I am responsible for shelf planning in both Aqua and Pond, and I enjoy enticing customers to buy on the floor. Aquadistri is a dynamic company with great future prospects, which I am happy to contribute to.

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Marktconform salary.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


We develop and
work together.

We always strive to develop together as a team. In house, we give trainings about our latest products, sales and updates from the organisation to keep all our employees up to date with the latest (fun) facts.