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Welcome to Colombo our mission is to develop and produce premium products, with a primary emphasis on water quality and animal health in aquariums, ponds and terrariums.

40 years of experience,
that makes the difference.

The start of your unique aquarium, pond or terrarium is here.
Colombo makes products which help consumers make their hobby of keeping ornamental fish and Reptiles a success! We make products for ornamental ponds, from the smallest goldfish pond to the biggest Japanese koi pond, for freshwater aquaria, from a small Betta tank to the biggest Discus tank and for marine aquaria, from a simple fish-only tank to a highly specialized reef tank. New in our range are products for Reptiles.

Medication & healthcare.
As Colombo was founded by veterinarian Dr. Mario Blom, medicines are at the core of Colombo. Many of the medicines developed by Dr. Blom himself are still among the top in the field at this moment. Colombo keeps investing in the development of new medications like Morenicol Lernex-Pro. All the Colombo medications are produced under the GMP standard which ensures that our medicines always meet your highest demands.

We develop in
our own laboratory.

Product development.
Every product we sell is developed in our own laboratory and is tested over and over for safety and efficiency, a practice spanning over 40 years! As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, we collaborate with sister companies to harness their expertise: Aquafarm and Ornafish contribute to fish and fish disease research, Aquafleur focuses on water plants and growth, and Aquadistri specializes in aquarium, pond, reptile and technical aspects. This collective effort drives ongoing product enhancement and supports consumers in maintaining healthy and beautiful fish, animals and plants.

Our mission.
Colombo’s mission is to provide premium hobbyist products, with a primary emphasis on water quality and animal health. We’ve developed a comprehensive range of test kits in our laboratory to assess various water parameters. This includes specialized tests for marine tanks, as well as unique tests tailored to the Aqua scaping hobby for optimal plant growth. We also provide products to correct water issues and care products for reptiles.

The experiences of our employees.


I started at Colombo in 2005 being responsible for the preparation of products as well as the R&D. I am now more than 17 years on the job, and in the course of all these years I have continuously develop myself further so that I am now also responsible for legislation and labelling. I can thus truly say that not one day working at Colombo was the same as the day before!


I started at Colombo in 2012 as production employee. Now I supervise the production team and I am responsible for the planning and the office. Due to the growth in my position, I have learned a lot, there are plenty off training opportunities. We work in a great team and we pay a lot of attention to the team spirit. Every day is different, making it a challenging job. I still enjoy working at Colombo every day.

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Marktconform salary.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


We develop and
work together.

Our products are the result of decades of experience and hard work to continuously improve these products through research and development. Each employee of Colombo is a valued member which makes it possible to achieve these high quality results.