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As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, we collaborate with our sister companies to supply top-quality live insect- and frozen food from our own breeding on a daily basis.

Let us tell you
about ReptoFood.

Our farm

Nestled in Dongen, North Brabant, ReptoFood boasts a proud legacy as a locally-rooted breeder of grasshoppers, backed by decades of seasoned expertise. Formerly known as โ€œDe Springplank B.V.,โ€ our insect nursery has stood as a bastion of quality in the live animal food sector since 1998. Upholding rigorous breeding standards, we ensure that our insects surpass industry requirements, guaranteeing optimal nutrition and safety for treasured reptilian companions.

Expert knowledge
With over 25 years of experience, we have transformed into a dynamic force, dedicated to supplying an extensive range of food animals. Our journey with the Aquatic Wholesale Group has only strengthened our commitment to delivering excellence.

Join ReptoFood:
where excellence is a team effort!

Help us build a thriving organisatiom
Join the ReptoFood team and embark on a journey of endless possibilities! Together, we’re committed to building upon our thriving organization, ensuring our mission of delivering excellence in the reptile feed industry is upheld.

Dedicated to achieving excellence.
When we say ‘together,’ we truly mean it! Every team member contributes their unique expertise, creating a collaborative environment where we support and complement one another. We’re dedicated to achieving excellence, and this is only possible with a hardworking team that fosters mutual support and operates in a safe and positive atmosphere.

The experiences of our employees.


Since 2024, insect farm the Sprinkplank has been transferred to Reptofood, where I work as farm manager. Together with my colleagues, we provide a wide range of fresh insects and reptile-related products every day. Our breeding consists of a wide variety of daily fresh live insects. Every day of the week we feed freshly cut grass and pack insects as fresh as possible for our clients. We also supply purchased products such as crickets and various worms from breeders we have had a good working relationship with for many years. Our hands-on mentality gives us the energy and challenge to expand Reptofood in the coming years!

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Marktconform salary.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


We develop and
work together.

We always strive to develop together as a team. In house, we give trainings about our latest products, sales and updates from the organisation to keep all our employees up to date with the latest (fun) facts.