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The Aquatic Wholesale Group, with over 38 years of history, excels in producing and distributing everything for successful aquariums, ponds, and terrariums.

Explore the endeavors of
the Aquatic Wholesale Group.

Our mission
is to deliver retailers the best possible quality “value for money” products through a cost’s effective supply platform, so they can add value to their business.

Our vision
is centered on daily improvement. Whether it’s refining processes, expanding services, or fostering innovation, we’re committed to surpassing expectations.

Our purpose
is to provide products & livestock that make the hobby of consumers successful, so they enjoy their hobby and improve the welfare of their animals.

A global hub of excellence in
product, and cultivation activities.

Product Innovation
At Aqua Campus, our dedicated in-house product development team drives innovation, constantly designing and refining products through rigorous testing. With manufacturing primarily located in China under the supervision of Aquadistri China, we ensure quality control at every step.

Distribution Expertise
Leveraging Aquadistri’s extensive distribution network, we reach over 3,500 specialized shops and wholesalers across Europe and beyond, guaranteeing swift delivery through our own fleet and trusted partners.

Quality fish range & global reach
Our AquaFarm offers a diverse range of over 400 tropical fish species sourced globally, complemented by coldwater fish and Koi from our facilities. Through Aquadistri and Ornafish in Japan, our products reach global markets. Additionally, AquaFleur’s greenhouse complex produces over 200 plant varieties year-round, primarily distributed through Aquadistri to EU markets and Japan, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality.

The experiences of our employees.


I’ve been with Aquafleur for more than 20 years, working in the packing department. I truly enjoy my time here; it’s a fantastic company. The variety in the work is crucial to me, and Aquafleur ensures that. It’s a flexible company, and honestly, I’ve never hesitated to go to work at Aquafleur.


I began my role as the Account Manager for North and East Netherlands in January 2016. With extensive guidance from colleagues, I was supported in honing my skills and performing at my best. The company’s commitment to development includes additional training opportunities. Aquadistri is a place where my voice and ideas matter, and the strength lies in our unity as one big team.


I’m a Graphic Strategist at Aqua Campus, where continuous development is key. AWG offers diverse subjects, from fish to reptiles, and working across brand units broadens my experience. The market’s constant innovation keeps the work challenging, and our supportive colleagues create an environment where everyone can be themselves and excel—something I truly value!


I started at Colombo in 2005 being responsible for the preparation of products as well as the R&D. I am now more than 17 years on the job, and in the course of all these years I have continuously develop myself further so that I am now also responsible for legislation and labelling. I can thus truly say that not one day working at Colombo was the same as the day before!

Will you take our
team to the next level?

  • 20% discount on all our products.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas.
  • Marktconform salary.
  • Explore growth through our training opportunities.

We believe you should do a job
that you enjoy doing!


We develop and
work together.

We always strive to develop together as a team. In house, we give trainings about our latest products, sales and updates from the organisation to keep all our employees up to date with the latest (fun) facts.