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Aquadistri – Open house evening

Are you looking for a exciting job.

During this open evening we will provide you with all information to give you a good idea of our products, the work, the atmosphere and our enthusiastic team! Does that appeal to you? Then help us to make sure that we continue to lead the way!

We are part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group and supply a total package of pond, aquarium and reptile products, ornamental/pond fish and aquarium plants to over 3,500 shops at home and abroad. You will work in an informal organisation with an open and pleasantworking atmosphere and short lines of communication!

Stop by our open evening. We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 21 September between 18:00 and 20:00

Let us tell you about our
application process.

it is always good to know what to expect so you can prepare yourself your application process. This way, you know how our applications are handled and what we expect from you.