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Holland Koi Show Sunday

Holland Koi Show.

The Nishikigoi association Netherlands organizes the Holland Koi Show every year, known as the biggest Koi event in the world! Here Hobbyists and traders from all over the world can exhibit their Koi to the public.

Thanks to years of experience, the show attracts many top traders and hobbyists. In 31 years, this event has become Europe’s most important Koi exhibition, with spectacular fish and the latest pond techniques.

Aquadistri will be here as distributor of Hikari, will we see you there aswell?

As a Koi enthusiast, you cannot miss this event!

On the website you can find a lot of information about the show, including:

  • A list of winners with pictures of the winning Koi.
  • All the news about the show.
  • Route descriptions/
  • Accommodation options.
  • Special discounts.
  • Show gadgets.
  • All necessary forms to register your Koi for the show.

Let us tell you about our
application process.

it is always good to know what to expect so you can prepare yourself your application process. This way, you know how our applications are handled and what we expect from you.